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  • KBR can help you with your Education,Tourism & Corporate tourism visas. KBR provides you with an end-to-end solution in each of these categories of visas.
  • Our services will take you to your destination of choice and they do not stop there. We continue to work with you, supporting you and providing assistance even after you reach. These support services include advice on part time employment, banking, accommodation and more.
  • At KBR, we base our student consultancy services on the motto of “helping and going that one step further”. We offer guidance right from the point at which students are evaluating their aptitude and options to study in a specific country to do a specific course. Our well-informed student counsellors go the extra mile and get involved with the students to help them decide the career path that best suits their profile.
  • With a credible and experienced team heading KBR, we have an eye for detail and a thorough knowledge of the policies in place.

Today, KBR has single-mindedly simplified the visa application procedure and made it more transparent. Our systemized approach and alliance with various international educational institutes have earned us respect and trust – by students, parents and the industry at large.

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Career Counselling & Admission Guidance

We believe in understating and assessing students’ personal requirements hence provide students with one–one session’s and guide accordingly. Keeping in view your individual profile and the professional market scenario, we guide and assist students to make the best career choice.

Our senior counsellors personally assist students in filing up admission forms and we give special attention to your application, highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented application, also assisting with References and the Statement of Purpose. Since our counsellors have strong experience in this, they are able to Pre-assess and Pre-qualify student’s application to the desired course and institute whereby making the application process shorter and faster.

Pre-Departure Briefings & Accommodation

We feel this is one of the most important sessions in the whole process. We get the opportunity to share with students about their new destination, new culture they are going to face, about the institute they are enrolling for and also making them aware of Do’s and Don’ts while they settle themselves in totally a new environment. This not only allows them to get more confidence but also adjust better in the institute and hence has better performance in the programs of study. Our counsellors guide and assist students with different types of accommodation which fit into your needs and budget.

Visa & Travel Assistance

We assist our students in the entire processing right from filling up application forms, assistance in preparing financial and other relevant Documents, providing guidance and conducting mock interviews. We also assist students with the booking of flights well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and discounts.

Choosing the right course in the University

We provide in-depth information on courses and institutes available based on students’ Academic and work background and provide personal guidance to help in choosing the right course in the university according to student’s profile, financial constraints, future aspirations and interest.

Faculties offered by ASOIU

Faculty of Oil Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Sciences
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio
  • Technical Engineering
  • Process Automation Engineering
  • Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering
  • Information Technologies and Systems Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Metrology, Standardization and Certification Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Information Technologies
  • Systems Engineering

Faculty of Geological Exploration
  • Geological Engineering
  • Hydrogeology Engineering
  • Geophysics Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
Faculty of Oil and Gas Production
  • Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Installations Engineering
  • Engineering of Emergency
  • Management and Life Safety
Faculty of Oil Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Science
  • Power Engineering
  • Technological Machines and Equipment Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Recycling and Reconstruction Engineering
Faculty of Economics and Management
  • World Economics
  • Industry Organization and Management
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Adminstration
Faculty of Power Engineering
  • Electric Power Engineering
  • Thermal Power Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Chemical Technology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

Private Universities